[jdom-interest] Surrogate pair output support (unit test)

Olivier Jaquemet olivier.jaquemet at jalios.com
Tue May 12 01:52:45 PDT 2009

Jason Hunter wrote:
>> A simple test case for this bug is attached and end of this mail.
>> ...
> Excellent!  With that I'll feel safer checking it in.  It doesn't seem 
> in big demand, but if we can do that's right w/ surrogate pairs then 
> we should.
I'm glad I could help a bit with this test... Some "warnings" though :
- it is quite a high level unit test as I don't know the low level JDOM 
API to test....
- it does not test the boundary condition (invalid surrogate pair) which 
Dave's properly checked in his code.
- it does not perform regression testing on other basic character set 
such as ASCII, ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8, but I suppose you already have valid 
unit tests on this..

Also note that the issue you were raising a year ago regarding the 
method signature change introduced by Dave's patch is still there... You 
may wan't to have a deeper look at this if you don't want to break 
people's code in your next release.


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