[jdom-interest] JDOM 1.1.1 release candidate

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Thu Jul 23 14:27:12 PDT 2009

JDOM itself doesn't use any classes in the default namespace.  There's  
a JDOMAbout class (and two inner classes) that are used for some  
extraneous functionality.  Why don't you remove those from the JAR and  
see if it works for ya.  If so we could do a later release removing  
them.  They're just a toy feature.


On Jul 23, 2009, at 4:52 AM, Brad Cox wrote:

> Jason, FYI the reason I stopped using JDOM after years of satisfied  
> use was inability to make it coexist with OSGI. As I recall, the  
> problem was trivial; 2-3 classes in the default namespace which  
> gives OSGI fits. Been awhile since I've looked tho.
> On Jul 23, 2009, at 3:52 AM, Jason Hunter wrote:
>> I just posted a release candidate for JDOM 1.1.1.  I'd appreciate  
>> people giving it a test to confirm there's nothing problematic  
>> about this, before I make it an official release.  I'd especially  
>> like your review if you're (a) an expert on surrogate pairs, (b)  
>> use a lot of XPath, (c) have deployments on JDK 1.2/1.3/1.4, or (d)  
>> really push the speed of XMLOutputter and can confirm the surrogate  
>> pair work hasn't slowed you down noticeably.  Email me privately  
>> with reports of success, or publicly on jdom-interest with any  
>> issues.
>> http://jdom.org/dist/binary/jdom-1.1.1-rc1.zip
>> http://jdom.org/dist/binary/jdom-1.1.1-rc1.tar.gz
>> Here's what's new:
>> Fixed a synchronization issue in the Namespace class that could  
>> cause a
>> hang when doing concurrent builds.
>> Added output support for Unicode surrogate pairs.
>> Added a new flag on SAXBuilder named setFastReconfigure() which,  
>> when set,
>> can speed reconfiguration by skipping repeated attempts to set  
>> features that
>> are determined not to be present on a parser.  Useful when doing  
>> many builds
>> per second.
>> Updated the provided Jaxen library from a modified Jaxen 1.0 to the  
>> latest
>> which is Jaxen 1.1.1.
>> Added reflection code in the error reporting system to support  
>> Android's
>> Dalvik VM which doesn't have the java.rmi.* classes.
>> -jh-
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