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Hi Katja.


getChildren() does not return a LinkedList. It returns a JDom specific class that implements the List interface.


I submitted a change to the ContentList class that made it in to JDom 1.1 that may have the result you are seeing. The change was all to do with the ListIterators from the JDom ContentList. The effect of the change is that the entire ContentList structure is scanned when the Iterator is created. In JDom 1.0 the content is only scanned when you do a previous/next operation on the iterator. (JDom1.1 is slower startup, but is fast to use, and has no bugs. JDom 1.0 was fast startup, slow to iterate, and had a bug).


Still, an iterator is not created if you do a getChildren().get(xxx), or a getChildren().size(). So, creating an iterator is not your problem.


Post your code again, please, and I will have a look.









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maybe I put my question in other words:
the method getChildren returns a LinkedList in jdom 1.0 and 1.1.
Iterating the LinkedList with a for  loop in which you do a get(i) takes a lot of time --> O(n²). 
But why it does not take a lot of time in jdom 1.0? It's also O(n²)?
Which difference between jdom 1.0 and jdom 1.1 causes this difference in time?


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