[jdom-interest] Format problem?

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Wed Oct 22 05:47:42 PDT 2008

I think it's more likely that System.out is not displaying the Unicode
string correctly - generally my experience is that the operating system
console is not capable of handling full Unicode, though it no doubt depends
on the operating system and its configuration.
I'm not sure why you would expect to see UTF-8 (as distinct from other
representations of Unicode).
Michael Kay


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The following code does NOT produce the UTF-8 that I had expected. As far as
I can tell the Text element only seems to work with ASCII text. I would have
expected it to work with non-ASCII text. Or am I doing something dumb?

    private void jdomTest() throws IOException
        Element element = new Element("doc");
        element.addContent(new Text("\u4E2D\u6587"));
        Document document = new Document(element);

        StringWriter out = new StringWriter();
        Format f = Format.getPrettyFormat();
        new XMLOutputter(f).output(document, out);
        System.out.println("XML: "+out);

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