[jdom-interest] Can someone help me with this problem?

Grzegorz Kaczor grzegorz.kaczor at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 09:08:33 PDT 2008

Well, just write code that will do it :). Yes, JDOM, is suitable.
2008/3/10, Ramo At Skuff <ramo at skuff-band.de>:> Hi,>> i have the following Problem:>> this is a part of my xml file:>> <FormElement type="tx" character="text" id="tx_00_user" name="tx_00_user"> tabmember="UserName" mandat="y"  size="20" >>        <kindelement><![CDATA[ tmp(); ]]></kindelement>> </FormElement>>> >From this, i want to generate something like this:>> A snippet of html:> <input type="text" id="tx_00_user" name="tx_00_user" class="mandatory"> size="20" value=" tmp(); " />>>> The result i get ist he following:> <input type="text" id="tx_00_user" name="tx_00_user" class="mandatory"> size="20" />>> My problem ist to get the value attribute in it. Is it possible mit SAX/JDOM> to get this solved?>> I would be thankful for any help!>> Many thanks> Ramo>>>> _______________________________________________> To control your jdom-interest membership:> http://www.jdom.org/mailman/options/jdom-interest/youraddr@yourhost.com>

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