[jdom-interest] Looping through attributes

Bashiro bashiro at myway.com
Tue Jan 22 13:06:49 PST 2008


Theoriticaly yes, but practically no!
When boolean is false, that is when the value of an attribute is not found,
jdom displays as many "not founds" as the number of contens in the xml.

I am beguining to think if I should combine HashMap so that Hashmap will check before passing it on to the jdom code.
I thought jdom could do this easier....


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Hi>> Thanks for the mail.> And thanks for warning me about the else clause.> Do you have any suggestions on how to let jdom> display a message when the attribute is not dound ?To have a boolean variable 'found' initialized to false before theloop, set it to true on find and use 'break' instead of 'return'? Justa suggestion.Grzegorz

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