[jdom-interest] JDom and Java5

Victor Toni victor.toni at ebuconnect.de
Tue Feb 26 10:31:43 PST 2008

Mattias Jiderhamn wrote:
> Rolf Lear wrote (2008-02-26 16:16):
>> ... the @suppress would remove the warning like you said. 
>> Unfortunately, I don't believe that is enough for an API.
> (Would you care to explain why compiler warnings must be avoided at 
> all costs?)
"Avoiding warnings at all costs" sounds a bit strong. When writing a new 
API (library, whatever) it's not alway possible to create warning-less code.
In these cases I tend to inspect the code section thoroughly and add 
such annotations if possible. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling if the 
counter goes down ;-)
And it saves time because 3 months later I don't have to check the same 
code again to see if it's just a warning or maybe a WARNING.

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