[jdom-interest] non-breakable space

Jabba Laci jabba.laci at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 08:27:26 PST 2008


I added the character '\u00A0' to the end of the string, but as a
result I get "Address: " instead of "Address: ". When I verify it
in a browser, I have a funny character ("Address:Â") at the place of
the space.


>> I'd like to produce the following XHTML output:
>> <xforms:label>Address: </xforms:label>
>> How to prevent that JDOM changes & to & ?
> You don't. Just stick the non-breaking space character itself in content, and JDOM will escape it properly. Code for the character is 160, so in Java string constant it'd be something like "Address:\u00A0".

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