[jdom-interest] JDOM 1.1 released! - thinking JDOM2

Rolf Lear jdom at tuis.net
Thu Nov 29 04:40:52 PST 2007

Hi Jason, All.

After some consideration, I will volunteer to create a 'pilot' or 
'proof-of-concept' Java5 conversion of JDom. I will be happy for it to 
act as a baseline for simple discussion or perhaps be the foundation of 
the 'generified' JDom release.

I figure I can get something out by the end of next week or so.


Jason Hunter wrote:
> Mattias Jiderhamn wrote:
>> Congratulations!
>> Now, I would agree it's time to start talking seriously about generics.
>>  /Mattias
> Can anyone cite what other projects have done in this situation?  Do 
> they just one day say, "Forget Java 1.4" people?  I'd be most 
> interested to hear stories from infrastructure library projects.  
> Applications can jump faster than reusable libraries.
> -jh-
> P.S.  After reading your note, I thought, "What did Mattias say 
> earlier about the subject?"  So I played with MarkMail to find out:
> http://markmail.org/search/?q=from%3Amattias+list%3Ajdom+%22java+5%22
> First message popped up: "Can't we get 1.01 first and *then* start 
> discussing generics/Java 5 seriously?"  Now your note makes more 
> sense.  :)
> Here's what all's been said before about "Java 5":
> http://markmail.org/search/?q=list%3Ajdom+%22java+5%22
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