[jdom-interest] JDOM 1.1 RC2

Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Fri Nov 16 02:02:57 PST 2007

I don't see the bug anymore.
The rest seems to work fine, drop-in.


Le 15 nov. 07 à 23:24, Jason Hunter a écrit :

> Reminder:  Please do a check with this new JAR against your  
> existing code, to make sure you don't find yourself stuck with any  
> breakage.
> I've slated to formally go 1.1 on Monday.
> -jh-
> Jason Hunter wrote:
>> I've just posted a second release candidate.
>> http://www.jdom.org/dist/binary/jdom-1.1-rc2.tar.gz  // unix
>> http://www.jdom.org/dist/binary/jdom-1.1-rc2.zip     // windows
>> (Only difference between unix and windows is line endings.)
>> Changes since RC1:
>> * Restored the setAttributes(List) method because even though  
>> setAttributes(Collection) is equivalent, the built JAR won't work  
>> as a drop-in without an exact signature match; you'd need to  
>> recompile.  Now we have both methods and no recompile should be  
>> necessary.  I'd like people to verify this.
>> * Added XSLTransformer.setFactory().  Good, easy feature request.
>> * Patch in jdom-contrib from Laurent fixing an ElementScanner  
>> problem.
>> Please try this jdom.jar in your project and let me know how it  
>> works for you.  I'd like an email either way.

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