[jdom-interest] Fwd: Re: Kana symbols and UTF-8? (was Re: Kanacharacters?)

Angela Amoateng angela.amoateng at kcl.ac.uk
Wed May 23 07:52:01 PDT 2007

Hi Endre,

I suppose 'warning' was a little but strong, I only meant it in jest! 
But its good to know the alternative to using UTF-8. My system was 
originally going to be online, using Java Web Start, however, I have 
decided to make it a stand alone system instead, so it will not be 
reliant on a browser, so the characters should show. =)


Quoting Endre Stølsvik <Endre at stolsvik.com>:

> Angela Amoateng wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> Thanks for that warning! I think will stick to just using the 
>> hexadecimal values then, just in case I do get the dreaded boxes for 
>> some symbols!
> It wasn't a warning, it was just an explanation.
>> I have been told I could use either, but to be on the safe side, I 
>> will use the hexadecimal values. =)
> Those two representations are, as the previous poster tried to point 
> out, totally equivalent - the one way (with the character references) 
> however doesn't need UTF-8 encoding, it can be sent through on ASCII.
>  The point is whether the user's browser HAS those characters 
> (glyphs, "character images"), so that they'll be DISPLAYED on his 
> screen, and not just as stand-in box (typically with the hex unicode 
> codepoint inside).
> Regards,
> Endre.

Angela Amoateng
angela.amoateng at kcl.ac.uk

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