[jdom-interest] JDOM not using raw typing

Victor Toni victor.toni at ebuconnect.de
Wed Mar 28 02:51:48 PST 2007

Hielke Hoeve wrote:
> On 28/03/07, Endre Stølsvik <jdom at stolsvik.com> wrote:
>> Jason Hunter wrote:
>> Also, one could use org.jdom2 as package name for the 1.5 version,
>> although obviously utterly loosing compatibility between code coded
>> against v1 and other code coded against v2 - but I think even this could
>> be handled using a simple "converter" between a v1 DOM and a v2 DOM, or
>> the other way.
Have you tried one of these?
I guess not because they won't work.
> javac -source=1.5 -target=1.3
> javac -source=1.5 -target=1.4
The only option left is the undocumented -target jsr14 which is not 

One point which wasn't mentioned but seems more important to me the the 
EOL of Java 1.4 with the Release of Java 7:


"... The Java technology policy is to support the current shipping 
version of Java Standard Edition plus two back versions. ..."

Means at the time when Java 7 gets released only version 6 and version 5 
will be supported opening the door for upgrades to generics on a wider 

I guess this policy will lead to more upgrades (by customers) than the 
technology enhancements alone.

Victor Toni
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