[jdom-interest] Dom api Vs Jdom api to evaluate xpath in Jaxen

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Wed Mar 14 03:34:27 PST 2007

I'm only guessing, but DOM has many features that are very unfriendly to
XPath processing, such as adjacent text nodes, CDATA and entity reference
nodes, and it's very inefficient at least in DOM level 2 to compare nodes
for identity or document order.
Michael Kay


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Subject: [jdom-interest] Dom api Vs Jdom api to evaluate xpath in Jaxen

I have tried evaluating the xpath queries using the JDOM xpath api and also
using the w3c DOM xpath api of Jaxen. But querying using the JDOM api was
faster. Can you please explain me why this has happened?

Thanks in advance. 


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