[jdom-interest] About Jdom licence

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Fri Mar 2 14:09:05 PST 2007

Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> Pelisse Romain wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I have very simple question about the jdom's licence. I wish to use 
>> jdom in a GPL project, and as some of you may know, only Apache 
>> Licence V2 is compatible with GPL. I couldn't find (even in the 
>> source), the Apache Licence version number on which is based the jdom 
>> licence... Would you be kind enought to help me with this ?
> Romain,
> JDOM license is not the Apache license, neither 1.0 nor 2.0. JDOM 
> license is very close to the Apache 1.0 but differs a little bit. 
> Unfortunately, you have to download the software to read the license... 
> not really cool but... this reflects the wish to be problem-free of such 
> a liberal license.
> Now, you say it's incompatible with GPL, well... those are legal matters 
> that have made everyone tired and seems to be a claim, solely, of FSF, 
> which has never prevented many GPL distributions to ship, for example, 
> with the Apache server, even when it was under the Apache license 1.0.
> Also, the claim that version 2.0 would be compatible with the GPL was 
> unfortunately, held only for a week after its release. After this week, 
> yet another guy of the FSF indicated another incompatibility.
> I'm afraid you'll have to live with an imperfect incompatibility.
> paul

The license basically says you can't go after us if there's a problem, 
and you can't use the name JDOM if you fork the code because it'll cause 
confusion.  Otherwise, have fun.


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