[jdom-interest] Thanks to all who replied :) A few thoughts and things to mention

Tatu Saloranta cowtowncoder at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 7 13:59:40 PDT 2007

Wrt. comment: I think there was actually a silly little bug in JDom that had incorrect checks for invalid comments, but has been since fixed. I think it might be causing bogus well-formedness exception you are seeing. I don't remember exactly which version it was for (i.e. was it prior to official 1.0 or not), but it might be worth verifying you use the latest version.

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Hi fellow members,

Thanks for all the help, it brightens my day :) Initially didn't expect the replies to come fast but hey each one I have received is helpful and got me thinking further. 

The subclass technique is interesting, previously I was thinking I may have to edit the source code and re-compile everything. I will work on this now.

Yup I'm using John Cowan's TagSoup and actually at the same time posted a message on his mailing list. Got a reply from him that I need to work on JDOM since JDOM wants the comments.

Current plan will be to allow the illegal comments to be read in and post processing them since the exception cause my program to exit,

Regarding the exception, I will post it here, these are the 1st few lines:

Exception in thread "main" org.jdom.IllegalDataException: The data "- EBAY LOGO <img src="/img/articles/ebay_icon.gif" width="77" height="68" border=0>!" is not legal for a JDOM comment: Comment
 data cannot start with a hyphen..
        at org.jdom.Comment.setText(Comment.java:120)
        at org.jdom.Comment.<init>(Comment.java:86)
        at org.jdom.DefaultJDOMFactory.comment(DefaultJDOMFactory.java:105)
        at org.jdom.input.SAXHandler.comment(SAXHandler.java:839)

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