[jdom-interest] Facing problem reading comments data, need help

Robin Kwek robin_rspvh at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 14:44:09 PDT 2007

Hi fellow members,

I'm working on a program to analyze web page structural similarity. The parser I have is able to work with JDOM and have been able to read html files and convert them into respective DOM tree structure.

But there are some web pages using "<!---" and JDOM sounded off stating that the data is not legal for a JDOM comment: Comment data cannot start with a hyphen, giving an IllegalDataException.

Actually I do not want comments to be read in as I'm primarily concerned with the structure of web page, tried searching through SAX features and property but I can't find a way to prevent the parser or JDOM from reading in comments.

Thus posting this to ask if anyone has a way out to do this? Another way I'm thinking of is to turn off the verifier so that the illegal comments can be read in and then I can filter them out later but don't seems to find the method to turn it off, does anyone know where is it in the javdoc?

Thanks in advance.

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