[jdom-interest] Transformation Issue

Jason Shapiro fetik3 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 16 19:57:21 PST 2007

I'm running into a strange issue and am hoping someone here has some advice on how to best troubleshoot the problem.  
  I have a very simple XSLT operation (producing HTML), using the XSLTransformer class:
  XSLTransformer transformer = new XSLTransformer(xsl);
  Document doc2 = transformer.transform(doc);
  When I run this in a JDK 1.4 / Tomcat configuration, the Document is returned that looks exactly as I would expect it (an HTML document).  When I use the same code in a JDK 5 / WebSphere configuration, the Document object doesn't contain any elements (so when I try to display with an "toString" or "XMLOutputter", I get the following exception message: 'A DocType cannot be added after the root element').   
  My guess is that this is ultimately related to some Xalan / Transformer issue, but I'm not sure what the best way is to determine what's being used (vs. what should be used).
  Any advice is appreciated.

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