[jdom-interest] Re: SAXOutputter bug with empty namespaces

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Mon Aug 13 20:15:22 PDT 2007

Gunter Ohrner wrote:
> Mary Ellen Foster wrote:
>>> Obviously, SAXOutputter in JDOM 1.0 has problems with namespace-less
>>> elements:
>> If you check out the latest JDom from CVS and compile it, that bug is
>> fixed.
> Ok, thanks for the information, I'll try it out.
> I guess JDOM CVS HEAD and the nightly builds can be considered to be stable,
> right?


>> It would be nice -- hint hint -- if a new release were made, 
>> seeing as the bug is approaching its third birthday ...
> I second that.

Yeah, where is that maintainer guy.  Oh wait...  It's me.

OK, I'll ship HEAD as the official 1.0.1 unless anyone has a complaint.


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