[jdom-interest] Newlines between attributes

Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Tue Mar 21 10:57:00 PST 2006

Two hints:
- don't hope to get an information about these whitespaces in the source 
from a parser... no standard covers such information set so that having 
this information would mean to bind to a given parser... I don't think 
JDOM will do this soon
- In order for the lines to be cut within an element output because the 
element tag becomes to long, you'd need to change the XML-outputter...

Hope that helps.


David Patterson wrote:
> I’m using JDOM and like it very much for its ease of use.
> I’m now using JDOM to create a series of XML files where the attribute 
> values are long strings. As a result, after 2-3 of them, the element 
> definition is very long. I know how to insert text objects between 
> objects to force line breaks, but what I have been so far unable to do 
> is to specify line breaks at known places between attributes in an 
> element.
> Is there a way to do this? Does it have to be done in a 
> post-processing task?
> I tried doing:
> dmodule.setAttribute( "\nnoNamespaceSchemaLocation",
> "procedSchema.xsd", ns );
> ...but JDOM removed the leading NL character from the attribute name.
> Dave Patterson
> //dpatterson at i-a-i.com//
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