[jdom-interest] A way to map an XML file to a JAVA object?

Mattias Jiderhamn mj-lists at expertsystems.se
Thu Jul 6 07:41:05 PDT 2006

There are lots of solutions to this. Look in the 
archives of this list to find several examples.
Personally I use Castor mostly.

At 2006-07-06 11:03, Søren Faltz wrote:
>Is there any ways to map the xml file into a 
>java object??? So that i dont have to browse 
>through the entire tree in order to get what i want??
>for instance this xml file
>   <name>
>      <Firstname>Soren</Firstname>
>      <Lastname>Faltz</Lastname>
>    </name>
>mapped into this
>MyObject obj = JDOM.Document.DOSOMETHINGHERE();
>println(obj.Lastname );

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