[jdom-interest] Volunteers to fix jaxen

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Mon Jul 3 08:27:47 PDT 2006

Bradley S. Huffman wrote:

> Got the source? Seems codehaus's CVS is rejecting anonymous logins, the
> instructions for maven don't work (something about required goal scm:checkout-project
> not found), and fisheye doesn't have a bundle of the files to download.

The anonymous logins got disabled after a recent server crash. It's a 
side effect, not deliberate. We're working on fixing that. In the 
meantime, it might be easiest if you just became a committer. Ask Peter 
Royal. I'll vouch for you.

However, with respect to these issues you could just fix them against 
beta 9. Nothing in the JDOM parts has changed since then. That source is 


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