[jdom-interest] JDOM Extension for Java Object (de)serialization

Mattias Jiderhamn mattias.jiderhamn at expertsystems.se
Mon Jan 30 03:12:52 PST 2006

At 2006-01-30 00:48, you wrote:
>Zitat von Dennis Sosnoski <dms at sosnoski.com>:
> > The approach that you're discussing has been developed in several
> > different ways, including my own JiBX framework mentioned by Brad
> > (thanks, Brad!). There are several frameworks working in this area. I'd
> > suggest you Google "java xml data binding" for a full list and explore
> > the alternatives. Data binding frameworks vary widely in performance and
> > memory usage (https://bindmark.dev.java.net/), but in general should
> > take less memory than document models such as JDOM.
>In the meantime I have reviewed two of the APIs: JiBX requires XML shemas to
>work That's not what I need. Javolution was a very close catch. But I had to
>find out that that it is really tied to object (de)serialization and produces
>XML files in very specific formats. In other words I cannot parse and create
>ANY XML files with it. This led me to the conclusion that I was actually not
>looking for a (de)serialization API, but rather for a binding API. 
>Good to know
>Most other APIs - although very capable and mature - seemed to be 
>unsuitable for
>my particular use cases as well, so I continued work on my own JDOM binding
>extension about which I wrote in my first mail in this thread.

The deserialization part reminds me of Jakarta Commons Digester 
http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/digester/ which could be configured 
both by code or a separate XML file.

I don't quite see the problem with APIs requiring an XML Schema. The 
time you spend creating the JDOMB configuration could be spent 
creating the Schema instead. And then the Schema could be reused, for 
example for validation and auto completion in your favourite XML editor.

Personally I have used Castor (http://www.castor.org/sourcegen.html) 
for deserializing XML files based on Schemas made up by UBL Core 
Components. I tried using JAXB but just couldn't get it to understand 
the complicated Schemas.  

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