[jdom-interest] Introduction. JDOM for Java5?

Matthias Basler Matthias.Basler at uni-jena.de
Thu Jan 26 15:44:56 PST 2006

Phil wrote:

> The one point I would make (again) is that all the "node" types should
> implement a (placeholder) Node interface to allow the entire API to be
> slightly more type safe (removing any Object references).

The same critical comment was raised in the book "Processing XML with Java".

However: There is a org.jdomContent class, which imho takes exactly this role.
When calling f.e. Element:getContent(), you don't get a list of arbitrary
Objects, but rather a list of <Content>, if I understand it right.
.. And I don't see a reason why an _interface_ instead of this class would make
things easier or more type save. (Maybe I misunderstand your problem, since I am
new to this API as well.)

Matthias Basler
c9bama at uni-jena.de

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