[jdom-interest] Introduction. JDOM for Java5?

Jim McMaster jim.mcmaster at comcast.net
Wed Jan 25 13:58:24 PST 2006

Bill Leng wrote:
> What is the problem using JDOM with 1.5? Does it cause some trouble?

If you compile with -Xlint:unchecked, you get warnings about unchecked
conversions every time you call a JDOM method that returns a Collection or
Map.  Eclipse also warns you about every one of these occurrences.  If you
turn on these features to warn about issues in your own code, it is easy to
lose your own problems in the chaff generated by JDOM's non-use of generics.

Basically, this is just an annoyance for people using Java 5 generics.  I
understand the JDOM developers' not wanting to maintain two code bases,
Jim McMaster
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