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Why don't you put it as an attribute to the servletcontext. Since both revlets runs in the same container, they both
have access to the same servlet-context, and can exchange objects there ?

the sending one :
Document o = new Document();

the recieving one :

Document o = (Document) this.getServletContext().getAttribute("jdom_object);

Frode Halvorsen

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Hello out there,
I have a special problem. I wrote this allready into the tomcat user
list, but maybe somone here has a good solution for my problem.
I want to forward a JDOM-object from one servlet to another in the same
servlet-container. I thought I write this JDOM to a string, transfer it
and unpack it at the other side.

BUT I cannot find a way to extract a JDOM from a String delivered by a
I tried it this way:
String mystring = req.getParameter("Objekt");
       Document mydoc = mystring.?  <- no method found
I thought there was a method anyway. What can I do here?

Thank you and...

Gruss Christian

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