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Plus, instanceof is usually an indication of failure of the object 
model. Polymorphism should normally replace instanceof and similar 
checks, though you can't always do that when working with other people's


Just two weeks ago I was made aware of "the object-oriented designer's"
gripe against using instanceof.

One person's orthogonality is another's convolutedness. In the limited
capacity of the human mental perception, we are compelled (either by
compulsion, obsession or necessity) to quantize our controllables and
observables. When two quantization models don't fit well, one calls the
other "evil".

Eighteen years ago (wasn't it?), Os/2 was touted as truly
object-oriented compared to a competitor's. I found it rather difficult
to use. My personal perception was they could not accept that the
end-users' object-orientation is a valid one too.

Sometimes, a simple manufacturing operator manages to execute a task in
a straight-forward manner but the manufacturing engineers have to mess
her operation up simply because her methods are improper/non-orthogonal
to the management techniques/theories they have been thro.

Propriety of design depends on which orthogonality you subscribe to. The
end-users have their own orthogonal frame of reference, which normally
do not coincide with the programmers'. The police dept of an unnamed
city could have their own orthogonality and they'd want you to get the
owner of the stolen modem (which is the cable company) file the report,
while the cable company's orthogonality would demand a police report
before they'd give you a replacement or otherwise bill you for the loss.

The initial SQL academics refused to recognize need for sequential
record processing and called such adulteration improper and of poor
design. Yes, they live in an ideal world where they could afford to
believe the processing power needed to perform a "where exist" is

It's the failure of the prevailing Object Model rather than the failure
of an object model. 
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