[jdom-interest] a question about node type

Grzegorz Kaczor grzegorz.kaczor at computaris.com
Thu Dec 7 02:00:58 PST 2006

Hi Tatu,

If /instanceof/ is efficient then the problem is much smaller. However, 
I agree with you and when I see /instanceof/ in code it makes me somehow 
anxious :).


Tatu Saloranta wrote:
> --- Syloke Soong <ssoong at protedyne.com> wrote:
>> [quote]
>> instanceof is reflection and reflection is slow :).
>> [/quote]
>> Omg[osh], I've got instanceof operator all over the
>> place. Though it
>> seems my IO operations that are slowing my apps
>> down.
> The original claim was pure BS. instanceof is a rather
> fast operation, requiring just simple lookups by JVM.
> The main problem with instanceof is not performance
> but that using it (or reliance on) is often sign of
> bad design.
> As to not having basic Node type, well, as far as I
> know that was a fundamental conscious decision by JDom
> authors, back in the day ("seemed like a good idea
> back then"). Other tree models do use such a base
> class or interface, so those who prefer such an
> approach could have a look at Dom4j or XOM.
> -+ Tatu +-
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