[jdom-interest] & problems

Paul Libbrecht paul at activemath.org
Mon Sep 12 01:13:26 PDT 2005

Le 9 sept. 05, à 19:47, Tatu Saloranta a écrit :
> Does anyone know of xml processing package that does
> allow validation of the output? I have been thinking
> of writing such functionality into Woodstox, as it
> would seem potentially useful, but absence (?) of
> others doing that makes me wonder if it would be truly
> needed.

DTD-awareness would definitely help some output.
Our DTD is a mix of several DTDs and contains several implicit 
attributes such as namespace declarations... I have proposed a patch to 
XMLOutputter which uses a DTD-parser loaded DTD in order to avoid the 
addition of these implicit attributes... our re-output sources are 
suddenly readable again!

But I would more call this usage of DTD a "notation" usage instead of a 

I wouldn't know how to validate the output of XMLOutputter except 
reparse it!!


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