[jdom-interest] OT: random sorts

Phill_Perryman at Mitel.COM Phill_Perryman at Mitel.COM
Thu Sep 8 03:41:55 PDT 2005

I suppose you can randomise the xml document


no idea if will work but of not you can copy the questions to a list,
detach them, shuffle and re-add.

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Sorry to bother the list, but I've googled till I'm blue in the face.

I want to use XSLT to take an XML document representing questions for
a multiple choice test and randomize both the questions and the
answers. From what I can tell, this is either (a) impossible, or (b)
not quite impossible, but might as well be.

Surely this is doable in a way that won't make my head hurt. Right?

Thanks much!
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