[jdom-interest] XPATH and namespace

Kevin L. Cobb kevin.cobb at emergint.com
Fri Sep 2 13:23:23 PDT 2005

Well, as usual, I'll answer my own question. 
Seems that XPath can't handle namespace prefixes all by its lonesome. If
you have an expression that has namespace prefixes, you have to indicate
the namespaces in the XPath object. Like so:
         XPath conditionXpath =
         conditionXpath.addNamespace("ilog", "http://www.myrules.com
<http://www.myrules.com/> ");



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Having trouble getting an XPATH expression with a namespace identifier
to retreive the value in the XPATH. Example:
<ruleDef  xmlns:ilog="http://www.myrules.com">
   <ilog:conditions conditionId="condID_590"

The XPATH expression "//ruleDef/ilog:conditions[1]/text()" does not
return a result. I expect 3 to be the result. 

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