[jdom-interest] [Patch] Bug regarding attributes local name using JDOMResult

Mattias Jiderhamn mattias.jiderhamn at expertsystem.se
Mon Nov 21 12:27:40 PST 2005

At 2005-11-21 21:02, Jason Hunter wrote:
>Mattias Jiderhamn wrote:
>>Actually, I haven't since I reasoned this wasn't necessary.
>Logical proof a bug can't happen is great, but I still like to 
>perform actual testing.  :)  I've just seen too many bugs that 
>couldn't possibly happen but yet do.

I agree. Although there is a difference between unexpected bug and 
expected failure. If the parser is faulty maybe JDOM *should* fail so 
that somebody fixes the parser... Though I realize the problem when 
somethings stops working.

>>The only case when the current code would produce the expected 
>>output while the patched code would not, is if attQName contains 
>>both prefix and name while attLocalName is the empty string. I 
>>figured that if such a parser exists, it is erroneous and it 
>>shouldn't be JDOMs responsibility to handle this. But maybe I'm wrong here?
>>If I'm wrong, is there a particular set of parser that should be 
>>tested ("the parsers")?
>I'd suggest testing under your Resin 2 and Resin 3 environments 
>where you found the bug, to make absolutely sure the fix for 3 doesn't hurt 2.

The patch does not affect Resin 2, but fixes the problem for Resin 3.
I also just double checked with Xalan (+ Xerces) and patched version 
produces expected result.

>What parser/transformer is Resin 3 using that behaves differently?

Resin has it's own SAX/DOM and XSL implementation (Resin-XML, 
Resin-XSL), which obviously has changed between versions.

   /Mattias Jiderhamn 

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