[jdom-interest] Proper way to prune a tree with removeContent

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Thanks for the comments :-).


The workaround appears to be to iterate through the list of children in
reverse order.


I changed the for loop from this


                for(int i=0;i<list.size();i++)


To this


    for(int i=list.size()-1;i>=0;i--)


I would still argue that there is a bug here, but this seems to work for


Thanks again for all responses.


-- Jeff Rosler


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I misspoke in the sentence below.


The problem occurs the second time (and thereafter) that removeContent
is called with the same parent. In other words, each call to
removeContent on a parent is screwing up the content list of that parent
so that every subsequent call to removeContent for that parent is
removing the wrong content. I think the index on the list is getting off
by one every time the removeContent is called.



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Hi All,


I'm running JDOM 1.0 and I just ran into an interesting corruption
problem. In my code, I'm parsing XML elements in a doc and removing
specific elements (branches) based on their attribute values. Please see
the code snippet below.


I initially call this code with profileDOM(null,doc.getRootElement()).
It recursively parses the tree until my checkAttributes() method returns
false. At this point, it removes that element. If it doesn't return
false then it gets the list of children and calls itself (recursion) for
each child.


The problem occurs in the removeContent call. The removeContent
correctly removes the content, but appears to screw up the list. The
second time that removeContent is called with a different parent, it
removes the wrong content node. It appears that the internal list
somehow gets screwed up. While I was debugging this in my IDE, I took a
look at the content list in the parent element and the
parent.indexOf(node) was returning the wrong index for the actual
content. In my sample, it returned a text node instead of an element!


So, two questions -

If this isn't the correct type of code to prune content, what is? I
remember trying an iterator a while back, but ended up getting some

The second is, isn't this a bug? Is this the right forum to report it?


    public void profileDOM(Element parent, Element node)  throws


        if (parent != null && !checkAttributes(node))


            // previously just doing parent.removeContent(node);

            int index = parent.indexOf(node);

            Content content = parent.removeContent(index);

            if (content == null)


                logger.info("Removal of element <" + node.getName() + ">





                List list = node.getChildren();

                for(int i=0;i<list.size();i++)


                    Element child = (Element)list.get(i);


                    // check to see if we should delete child







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