[jdom-interest] disable-output-escaping

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Fri May 27 06:27:28 PDT 2005

> The problem is the resulting HTML doesn't contain the expected result 
> and shows a processing instruction like 
> <?javax.xml.transform.disable-output-escaping?>

This processing instruction is part of the protocol (defined in JAXP)
between an XSLT transformer that supports disable-output-escaping and a
serializer that supports disable-output-escaping. If you use d-o-e and then
send the result to a destination that doesn't recognize this protocol, you
just see the processing instructions in your tree.

You should only use d-o-e in your stylesheet if the result of the stylesheet
is serialized immediately after the transformation by the serializer that
comes with your XSLT processor (or, in rare cases, with another serializer
that supports this protocol).

Michael Kay

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