[jdom-interest] RE: JDom parser or stick to a Sax parser???

Mark Gargan mark.gargan at Allfinanz.com
Thu May 5 02:51:56 PDT 2005

Thanks for that Per.
I won't be amending the file during the client read process.
There shouldn't be a problem with multiple access should there?


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 From my experience, a JDOM document memory footprint is 5-10 times the XML
file size. So you're looking at roughly 100MB or less, which should be fine.


Mark Gargan skrev:
> Hi folks,
> 	I've just joined this mailing list and am using JDom for the first
> time.
> We're looking at scalability and database growth at the hands of our
> at the moment.
> I successfully wrote an interceptor for requests at our server so that I
> could mimic
> a WebConversation between a client and our product.
> Using JDom I've created a conversation xml file which represents all the
> client information required
> in order to have HttpUnit replicate a run through our online system.
> My question is regarding the feasibility of using JDom as the parser for
> scalability test.
> The test's nothing grand. It's simply a number of client's are passed the
> conversation xml file
> and they use HttpUnit to perform the various requests that would otherwise
> be made online.
> I'll be looking at running 100 or more clients at the same time and
> all be parsing the same file.
> The file should be no more than 100KB.
> When JDom parses a file does it instantiate the whole file in memory? 
> I've seen with some of the sample applications that the builder is a
> SAXBuilder?
> Would I be better off sticking to a plain old SAX parser and parsing the
> file linearly for a smaller memory hit? 
> Thanks,
> Mark.
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