[jdom-interest] RE: JDom parser or stick to a Sax parser???

Mark Gargan mark.gargan at Allfinanz.com
Thu May 5 01:36:52 PDT 2005

Hi folks,

	I've just joined this mailing list and am using JDom for the first

We're looking at scalability and database growth at the hands of our product
at the moment.

I successfully wrote an interceptor for requests at our server so that I
could mimic
a WebConversation between a client and our product.
Using JDom I've created a conversation xml file which represents all the
client information required
in order to have HttpUnit replicate a run through our online system.

My question is regarding the feasibility of using JDom as the parser for the
scalability test.
The test's nothing grand. It's simply a number of client's are passed the
conversation xml file
and they use HttpUnit to perform the various requests that would otherwise
be made online.

I'll be looking at running 100 or more clients at the same time and they'll
all be parsing the same file.
The file should be no more than 100KB.

When JDom parses a file does it instantiate the whole file in memory? 
I've seen with some of the sample applications that the builder is a
Would I be better off sticking to a plain old SAX parser and parsing the
file linearly for a smaller memory hit? 


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