[jdom-interest] getting , Invalid XPath expression after UsingJDOM1 ..???

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Tue Mar 8 03:06:20 PST 2005

I think older releases of Jaxen were very buggy, it's nice to know the bugs
are being fixed.
Michael Kay


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Subject: RE: [jdom-interest] getting ,Invalid XPath expression after
UsingJDOM1 ..???

ThanQ michael for immediate reply :- )
I got ur point ... but what i wonder is , how it works with the older
version of jdom and jaxen jars.

The o/p expected from xpath is getting all matching NPModule Elements at any

".//NPModule" works for me ..but still i don't understand reason for the
failure of xpath which works with older jar files.

Vik at s 

On Tue, 2005-03-08 at 15:28, Michael Kay wrote: 

That's not a valid XPath expression. "child::" must be followed by a
NodeTest. I can't suggest a correction because I've no idea what the writer
of this expression thought it might mean. Perhaps just child::NPModule  -
people often seem to throw in a "//" as magic pixie-dust when they don't
know what they're doing.
Michael Kay


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Subject: [jdom-interest] getting ,Invalid XPath expression after Using JDOM1

hi all ,

i have upgraded to JDOM1 but the xpath which used to run properly is giving
exceptions after upgrading to JDOM1

this is the xpath i'm using ..

"child:://NPModule [ @name='test' and @parent = 'test1']

I get following exception
org.jdom.JDOMException: Invalid XPath expression: "child:://NPModule [
@name='config' and @parent = 'kcli']": Expected <QName> or *

What is the reason?

can any buddy suggest/reason solution for the same ?


Vikas Mane
Kenati Technologies 	

Vikas Mane <vikas at kenati.com>
Kenati Technologies 	

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