[jdom-interest] Output Method problem

Anand, Rajesh Rajesh_Anand at ml.com
Tue Jun 14 23:34:16 PDT 2005

	I'm using Eclipse for development, it complains - "THE METHOD
Output(List , OutputStream) in the type XMLOutputter is not applicable
for arguments 
	(Document,  FileOutputStream)" 
	Yet there are methods available in class XMLOutputter as
output(doc OutStream) and output(Doc Writer). 
	So why the error??? 
	Here is the snippet of my code.. 
	FileOutputStream outf = new FileOutputStream(new

	XMLOutputter xout = new XMLOutputter();

	xout.output(doc, outf); 
	Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Rajesh Anand
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Email:Rajesh_anand at ml.com

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