[jdom-interest] JDOM XSLT with parameters?

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Tue Jan 18 04:12:16 PST 2005

If you use Saxon as your XSLT processor, you can use all the facilities in
the JAXP transformation API. Just wrap the JDOM Document node in a Saxon
net.sf.saxon.jdom.NodeWrapper, and supply the NodeWrapper as the "source"
parameter to the JAXP transformer.transform() method. You can set
transformation parameters in the normal way using transform.setParameter().

Michael Kay

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> Hi~
> I usually use JDOM for XML Processing.
> But, when I tried transforming XSL, I could not find the way to pass
> parameters to XSLT Processor.
> "parameters" which are defined in XSL document.
> ( <xsl:param name="blah.."/> )
> Is it possible to use JDOM XSL Transform with parameters?
> Thanks,
> KwonNam.
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