[jdom-interest] Syntax of namespace URIs

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Jan 11 02:44:02 PST 2005

Jason Hunter wrote:

> Rusty, I believe that was your original code?  The basic logic's been 
> there since at least May 2000.  I agree that checking the URI according 
> to the rules in RFC 2396, Appendix A, is above and beyond the call of 
> duty.  Seems like the best options are to (a) not do any checking or (b) 
> check for common easy to identify mistakes (whatever those might be).

Could be my code. At this point I'm really not sure. XOM now does full 
checking for absolute URIs according to the RFC2396bis algorithm. That's 
my general preference; but if you wanted to allow relative namespace 
URIs you'd need to relax that a bit.

Probably the easy subset of checks would be to make sure that all the 
characters are legal URI characters (i.e. ASCII, no white space, no 
forbidden punctuation) and percent escapes are properly used. Requiring 
anything more while still allowing relative namespace URIs would be very 

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