[jdom-interest] Problems in adding an element

Scott Ellis scotey at pacbell.net
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Problems in adding an elementI'm guessing here, but types Element and Document are not necessarily from JDOM.  Both types could come from different libraries, so it depends on what you have in your imports section.  My guess is that one of the two are coming from Xalan or Xerces (which ever is applicable), and that you are trying to add a vendor specific Element type to a JDOM document, or vice versa.
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                  Element objRoot = new Element("Request"); 
                  Document objDocument = new Document(objRoot); 
                  Element objRequestType = new Element("Request_Type");                           

          This code gives me a runtime error on the JSP page with the new JDOM api i.e. 1.0 
          Error 500 : Incompatible argument to method 
          Kindly provide what I am doing wrong or missing? 

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