[jdom-interest] converting Elements to objects

Scott Ellis scotey at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 18 16:18:17 PST 2005

That was my gut reaction too, but in college sometimes they like you to 
re-invent the wheel in order to appreciate how the wheel was invented.  Not 
sure that's what the point is here.

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>I must say, any academic who insists on the wheel being re-invented is 
>totally off-beam; they should have you concentrate on the aspects of the 
>project that are unique rather than the mechanical software development 
>issues like XML <-> POJO transformations where there are plenty of existing 
>and good solutions (most of which tend to be based on reflection, fyi).
> Phil
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> thanks alot to everyone,
> because i'm doing this xml stuff for a univeristiy project , i try not
> to use alot of  3rd parties APIs... the academics don't regard it as
> something very good and basically i was looking for a way to do it
> myself.. but i'll just do it the dirty way then... for every single
> type of object :(...
> thanks
> anton
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