[jdom-interest] converting Elements to objects

Anton Stoyanov anton.stoyanov at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 01:02:00 PST 2005

i'm about to start coding it with reflection.. sounds really good..
just read the tutorial :)
thanks alot to everyone :)

will post the code when  i'm done... 

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 09:53:31 +0100, Marco Ferretti
<marco.ferretti at jrc.it> wrote:
>  On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 21:14 -0800, Tatu Saloranta wrote: 
>  --- "Gregory S. Hill" <ghill at vmtllc.com> wrote: > I know almost nothing
> about Reflection, (other than > it's supposed to be > this really
> nifty-slick technology that solves all > problems magically!) > but would
> there be a way of using it to analyze the > setters > (transformers? I get
> lost in the terminology > sometimes) and > automatically set the values
> according to the > element names in the XML? > Am I completely talking out
> of my ass right now? > :) Nope -- using Reflection is the obvious way to
> create automated Object/XML bindings dynamically, along the lines you are
> thinking of. It can dynamically figure out available methods, and call them.
> There is some overhead in doing so (both regarding convenience of method
> calls and performance), but that's just part of the trade-off; it buys
> flexibility. So if you want to make a truly flexible system, that's one
> obvious way to go, and used by most existing binding system. Using
> Reflection API is bit cumbersome (since it was bolted on to JVMs afterwards,
> not an initial part of Java), but not all that complicated. Another bit more
> advanced alternative is to generate equivalent byte-code (optimally in
> run-time), usually based on Reflection-obtained or configuration file
> configuration. There are other ways to solve the problem, and there's often
> the compromise between writing/generating glue code (to get better static
> type safety, but do more monkey work one way or the other) and losing
> type-safety (using generic 'getString("author");', 'getInt("salary")' etc
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> was just about to reply as you did ... 
>  Anton, if you name the methods in Customer say setName and so on you can
> just call the method by the child name (just capitalize the 1st char) and
> instantiate the class by the element name ( again capitalize the 1st char )
> . Done in this way you have a simple "generic factory" for all of the your
> objects stated that your xml files must at least conform : 
>  1) the name of the element is the same of the class (apart for the 1st char
> that can be lower case)
>  2) the name of the children must follow the same rule as the parent.
>  and your class must implement the empty contructor (for simplicity) 
>  hope this helps
>  Marco 
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Anton Stoyanov

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