[jdom-interest] converting Elements to objects

Gregory S. Hill ghill at vmtllc.com
Thu Feb 17 11:42:31 PST 2005


It seems to me the easiest approach would be to make the objects 
'xml-aware'.  You would need to pass each item in the list to a 
'factory' of some sort, which would identify the root element, and hand 
the contents off to an object of that class-type.  The object would then 
use JDOM to crawl through the contents, handing the sub-attributes and 
elements off to the various fields for population.

Actually, if there's an easier way to do this, I'm all ears.  I've done 
this in a quick-and-dirty way in the past, but am having to prep a 
larger solution.  If a more generalized way of doing this is possible, 
I'd be interested, too.


Anton Stoyanov wrote:
> Hi
> i have the following (seems common, but all the posts about that are
> from 2000 !)
> i have an xml file like so: 
> <customer>
> <name>john</name>
> <tel>23423423</tel>
> etc....
> </customer>
> and a Customer.java class which has 
> String name;
> String tel;
> etc....
> with JDOM I can get a java.util.List of elements, but how can I
> transform them into customer objects ?
> I'm very interested in finding a solution which is independant of the
> "customer" bit. because i have other classes too.
> thanks alot 
> if you need more information, please tell me.

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