[jdom-interest] Java 5.0 JDOM Plans?

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Sun Aug 28 23:01:50 PDT 2005

Hi Tim,

We've talked about it on the list before.  While I like many of the Java 
5 features and think they could help JDOM with some rough edges (esp 
covariant return types) I've held off making an official JDOM built for 
Java 5 because neither of the two approaches is great:

1) Move all later JDOM releases to Java 5.  This eliminates people's 
ability to use JDOM on JDK 1.4 and earlier.

2) Ship two versions of JDOM.  This causes confusion and potential 
runtime conflicts if both versions use the same org.jdom package.

People have emailed the list and me personally with Java 5 tweaked 
versions.  The technical changes are pretty straightforward.  But is 
either approach above better than having a unified JDK 1.2+ JDOM library?


Tim Halloran wrote:

> Forgive me if this has been described...but after a few mailing list
> searches and some looking around the web pages it has eluded me.  I'm
> wondering what the plans are for transition of the JDOM library to Java
> 5.0?  Not just compatibility--that works today--but full incorporation
> of the new language features.

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