[jdom-interest] NullPointerException when changing or adding content (setText() or addContent());

Patrick Finch pat at montereynet.net
Thu Aug 11 11:30:38 PDT 2005

Thanks for the help, I figured out, it was a PEBDAC problem....
It would seem that in a bout of mental midgetness I failed to notice 
that 1) I was trying to grab objects from the template using the 
namespace I grabbed from the document I received over the network 
instead of the namespace from the template (both SHOULD be the same). 2) 
I was posting a different document through the servlet than I was 
passing to my program via the command line. 3) I had a different 
namespace in the POST'ed documents than in my templates or test documents...

Sorry everyone, don't shoot me, thanks for the help.

Case closed.

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