[jdom-interest] Bug in ListIterator.add() method

Rolf Lear rlear at algorithmics.com
Fri Apr 22 08:33:35 PDT 2005

The complete iterator stuff in JDom is based on pre-collections stuff. There
is a lot of scope to re-hash the iterator problem.

I'll volunteer a patch in the next couple of days if people want to see the
iterator stuff re-written. When I was looking at the Parent/Child stuff a
year or so ago I odentified the iterator processes as being a weak point in
JDom in the sense that it was just plain complex. The wayu I though I would
re-do it implied Java1.2 logic IIRC.

Anyways, I'll use the weekend to produce a patch if people want.


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Christian Gruber writes:

> As I suppose, Jdoms ListIterator.add() implementation has a problem
> when it is called more than once and when it is called at the end of
> the list.

Looking at the code it looks like the sequence

    listIterator.add(new Element("a"));
    listIterator.add(new Element("b"));
    listIterator.add(new Element("c"));

will produce <c><b><a> instead of <a><b><c> and continue iterating on
element 2 (<b>) instead of after the last new element. That is a bug.

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