[jdom-interest] XMLOutputter format question

Per Norrman per.norrman at austers.se
Wed Sep 29 15:39:10 PDT 2004

da at vizbang.com wrote:
>   org.jdom.output.Format f = new org.jdom.output.Format();
      Format f = Format.getRawFormat();
>   f.setTextMode(org.jdom.output.Format.TextMode.NORMALIZE);
>   f.setOmitDeclaration(true);
>   outputter = new org.jdom.output.XMLOutputter(f);
> but i'm getting this error on that first line: "Format() has private
> access in org.jdom.output.Format." (hrunh?)  i've tried a number of
> variations on this that have yielded other errors.
> it seems like all the examples i've been able to locate are written to
> earlier versions.  is there a secret cache of 1.0 examples around (other
> than, i presume, in the book)?  

The cache is here. It's not secret. I wouldn't bet too much on the
book: it is four years old and probably covers beta 6, possibly beta 7.


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