[jdom-interest] validating a schema

Per Norrman per.norrman at austers.se
Tue Sep 21 12:16:51 PDT 2004

Well, schemas can be validated against
the Schema schema:


Gregory S. Hill wrote:
> Is there a way to validate schemas using JDOM?  I used XML-Spy to create 
> a basic schema from a SQL Server database, and then used JDOM to heavily 
> modify it.  I would like to be able to verify that my modifications fall 
> within the rules for schema construction, but doing it by hand would be 
> somewhat problematic, as it is almost 5000 lines long!  It is, 
> obviously, an XML file, as JDOM played with it very nicely.  I'm just 
> not sure about its 'schemaness'.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> -greg
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