[jdom-interest] XML Signature

Per Norrman per.norrman at austers.se
Fri Sep 17 15:51:15 PDT 2004

David Wall wrote:

> That would be wonderful in my opinion.  The more I can do with JDOM and not
> have to resort to DOM for processing XML the better!

Yep, that would be the point.

> My understanding is that the XPath with XML DSIG isn't even a true use of
> XPath, so you may find that no XPath solution really works for you.  I'm not
> sure exactly what this all means, but it seems that the XPath isn't for
> traversing the XML, but for applying a test to each node as it's processed.

XPath is, or may be, used for selecting a certain subset of the document nodeset
that should be used for digesting or signature processing. Some of the example
use cases become, in my opinion, rather contrived; such as signing an already 
signed document, or selecting disjoint parts and subtrees of a document.

> I think so, but then I wouldn't be able to directly contribute, though I'd
> be happy to test.  In my own world, I only need pretty basic enveloped
> signatures (for wrapping XML deployment info to ensure that nothing has been
> tampered with -- probably doing an XML DSIG over the entire XML doc -- 
> starting with the root node), and detached signatures that can point to
> several XML elements (some of which are simple elements, and others that are
> complex and contain additional nested elements).

Yep, a glimpse of what I have in mind:

Enveloped signature, basic case (working):

    XMLSignature sig = XMLSignature.sign(document, keypair);
    XMLSignature sig = XMLSignature.sign(document, cert, privateKey);

Enveloping signature of one element, placed in an Object element:

    XMLSignature sig = XMLSignature.sign(element, keypair);
    XMLSignature sig = XMLSignature.sign(element, cert, privateKey);

Detached signature with document-internal ID references:

    Document doc = ....
    Element e1 = ...
    e1.setAttribute(new Attribute("id", "element1", Attribute.ID_TYPE));
    Element e2 = ...
    e2.setAttribute(new Attribute("id", "element2", Attribute.ID_TYPE));
    XMLSignature sig = new XMLSignature(doc);
    sig.add(new Reference(e1));
    sig.add(new Reference(e2));

Plus, of course, the possibility to override the default selection
of digest and signature methods, etc, etc.

> The question, though, is do we really need it since there's a JSR for
> standard Java APIs for DSIG?  Is there a true benefit for having it work
> directly within JDOM?  Can the API be truly simplified to handle 80+% of the
> XML DSIG needs?  Or should we just get a DOM from JDOM and pass it into the
> standard DSIG APIs?

I don't know. Catering for a few basic signing scenarios is doable and verifying
for those same scenarios is also doable. But verifying an arbitrary document
implies a lot of work.


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