[jdom-interest] Re: XmlOutputter : escaping of \r in element text

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Oct 27 04:37:14 PDT 2004

Thomas Fischer wrote:

> I am not sure whether I understood your mail correctly. In JDOM, one can
> also set the desired line separator in the outputter,
> so I can specify that a \n in a text content becomes a \n, or a \r\n, or
> perhaps even something else in the output.
> But this applies only to the \n characters in text content, not to the \r
> characters in element text.

All I'm saying is that in XOM it applies to both. In other words, in XOM 
if you set the line separator to \r\n, then the serializer will change 
the  \r's and \n's to \r\n too. (It does recognize \r\n and does not 
double the line breaks.) JDOM doesn't work like this.

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